I woke up and found myself next to Peeta. His blonde hair was glowing in the sunlight. His body was warm, and his skin was soft. I was glad he was there, for I had another nightmare.

This time dream was not like my other dreams. I was with Peeta, holding his hand, and we were walking to the edge of Loral Cliff. We both waited there, and stared into each others eyes. His blue eyes were gleaming, and it seemed that I was lured into a trance. He leaned in close to give me kiss.

BOOM. CRASH. A bomb exploded right behind Peeta. A giant crack broke into the ground, near my feet. Peeta held his hand out to me, but it was too late. I was falling to the ocean. I  was falling, and falling. I couldn’t do anything but yell Peeta’s name.


It was one of the most frightening nightmares I have ever had.


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Before Rue was Reaped…pt1

“Rue! Could you toss me another bag?”

Apparently “bag-tosser” was my official job now. Along with “berry-picker”, “child-watcher”, “wheat-picker”, and “firewood-chopper”, I had a busy day. Every day.

Ever since I was old enough to work, I did. I think it’s super unfair for the Peacekeepers to force children to work for no money. And then of course, there’s school. I think school is unfair, too. It’s not like we’ll ever need to know about “Roam” and “Grease” and “It all ee” and “Mexi, Co.” And science? Give me a break.

Suddenly, the mockingjays began to sing their wonderful 4-note tune. Heh, guess it is time for break.

Break. Down here in “good ole” District 11, break means 8 hours of sleep. Or, to be more accurate, 4 hours of sleep and 4 hours of lying awake at night.

I guess my mom is right. I do complain too much. I’m going to start working on that.

But honestly, I can’t help it. There are three things that could happen to you to make things worse. Three. Three outcomes worse than this.

1) Injury. Because they’ll make you work even if your arms and legs are chopped off.

2) Death. Then again, I’m not hearing the dead complain.

3) The Hunger Games. Which goes right along with Death.

I walked home to go to sleep.

“Rue! Rue! Rue!” my little sister Poppy ran in to hug me. I laughed and picked her up.

“How was school, Pop?”

Poppy frowned. “Everyone was mean. Mean mean mean.”
Did I mention she has a habit of repeating things?

“Look, we better get some sleep now. Or the Peacekeepers might get us for staying up past curfew.”

She made a face. “I never see you anymore. When are we going to have play time again?”

I smiled. “Say what. Tomorrow after school, you can come with me to work and, since I only do odd jobs, I can find lots of time in between work to play with you, okay?

She frowned. “You sound like dad. He said he’d buy me an ice cream when he was off work.”

“Ice cream?”

“Yeah, ice cream.”

“How does he get ice cream? I didn’t even realize it existed!”

“Well, it does. It tasted delicious.”

How come she gets ice cream, and I don’t. I made a vow then and there that I would taste ice cream at least once before I died.

“Time for bed, Poppy.” I helped tuck her in to bed.

“Sing! Rue! Sing!”

I rolled my eyes, but honestly, l was delighted. I love singing. I love music. It’s wonderful.

Deep in the jungle where the Deep Orchids bloom,
And the Mockingjays pick up a small, silent tune,
When the world is asleep, and the taddypoles creep,
All by the sweet light of the moon…


Summer’s Backstory.

I finished watering the garden. Today, I had a day of due to the reaping. Usually, I would feed the animals and attend to the crops. I hope I am not going to be Reaped. I would probably die cause I can not hear. 

I wasn’t always deaf, after I was born I got some bad pneumonia. The doctors thought I was going to die but I didn’t. Though, my mother did. I have blamed myself for her death. People say she was a great person. Indigo was motherly, strong willed, brave, determined and independent. A great women. Many people mourned her death. But they never knew I was deaf.

When I was 1 my brother Harrison and my father discovered I was deaf they had been at my side. Well, my brother was. 24/7 he would translate. I loved my brother, but at some point I had to become independent.

Father was at work and Harrison was at the store. I decided to go along and fetch my brother. He was late. As a 7 year old girl of to fetch her 13 year old brother. I went through a secret alley and found my brother with bags and bleeding slowly to death.

“HARRY!” I screeched.

“Sis…This is for you..” He muttered and held out a ruby necklace with a music note. This must have cost a fortune!

“Thank you brother! What happened?” I said concerned.

“Gang members..shot me…” he said.

“Let me take you to the hospital!” I exclaimed.

“No..I am going to die..anyways…I love you Summer. I love you a lot.” He said and held my hand. His eyes fluttered shut.

My whole life I blamed myself for their deaths. I learned to be independent but being deaf left people not understanding what I was going through. I made friends with Hunter and Jasmine. A boy named Cain who is 2 years older than me has always been quite rude to me but I have always treated him nicely.

I walked in the house and saw my Father.

“Dad! Your home!” I cried and gave him a big hug. He fluffed my hair.

“Summer! I am home early for the Reaping. Don’t put your name in too many times. Wait, come with me.” He said.

I followed him in confusion. What did he want? He came up to the attic and took out a chest. Inside, were beautiful clothing and accessories. I gasped.

“Were these moms?” I asked.

“Yes. I think she would want you to have these. I will be there. Go with your friends ok kiddo?” He said and ran off.

My mouth was still wide open. I put on a pale pink dress and left my hair down. I went outside and my friends and siblin

gs were there. Hunters sister who was coming to

her first reaping. Hunter was comforting her. Jasmine and her silent older brother were there too. They looked excalty alike with their dark skin and black hair.

“Summer! Its the Reaping! I am sooo worried!” Jasmine cried. If you looked at her you would think she is mean with her gruff appearance but she is actually very sweet.

We walked there and got our names put in big glass bowls.

We stood huddled together and saw our mentor, Seeder. The announcer was babbling on and on, her name is Alexandra.

“I am now going to pick the girls tribute! Wonder who it is going to be!” She said trying to keep a serious tone. She fished her hand through the glass globe and finally picked one.

“Ok. This is it.” Jasmine whispered.

“The tribute for District 11 is….Summer Williamson! Come up here.”

The crowd gasped and I was confused. What did she say? She was talking too fast.

“Psst. Summer! Your the tribute, I know she was talking too fast.” Jasmine whispered and Hunter patted me.

I was shocked how was I going to survive? I was deaf. The Peacemakers grabbed me and no one’s arm volunteered for me. I was petrified.

A Hunger Games Tribute Part 1

Hey, I’m Aire Skystreak! I’m a small, sweet, twelve year old girl who was unlucky enough to have my name picked out of a large bowl-looking-thing. Boy, that was a scary moment! I had to participate in the 69th annual Hunger Games Hunger Games and kill people! Not fun!

My district is three. The factories are everywhere, making all kinds of cool electronics! My district is one of the only ones that have automobiles or firearms. Bombs and cars, what’s not to like? I grew up playing with fire. Matches were always my toys, I saw nothing wrong with that.

When my name was picked I felt very scared! I walked up to the stage very slowly, shaking and almost crying. My eighteen-year-old brother saw me. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he was just as frightened as I was. The crowd was hissing, a twelve year old girl? Why? Then my brother got back to his senses, but he completely lost it. He snarled, absolutely outraged! He ran out to me, violently shoving and pushing everyone out of his way, screaming my name. The only thing I could think was No! Please! Leave me! Don’t do anything! Why can’t you just stay put? But I knew that he would never stand for this. He fought the peacekeepers when they came to take him away. He was screaming my name the whole time. No! They’ll kill you! Please just leave me be! Was my last thought before they shot him in the head.

My shriek echoed throughout all of District Three. I wasn’t all that shy or innocent anymore. I was a bloodthirsty monster wanting to tear up the peacekeepers who killed my brother. I didn’t cry, he wouldn’t have wanted me to, plus I’m not that type of girl. I didn’t care about the cameras or the people staring at me. All I wanted was revenge. I took out a flamethrower… okay…wait let me explain that. Everywhere I go I carry around a backpack filled up with things I might need, food, water, rope, bombs, flamethrowers, gasoline, all that stuff. It wasn’t a huge flamethrower or anything, just a cheap homemade one, but it was enough to set fire to the stage and the peacekeepers. What have I done? He’s not coming back, is he? What do I do? They’ll kill me for sure now!!! I sat curled up in a ball, suddenly looking scared and weak again.

Once they had put the fire out they started the reaping again, but I was still one of the tributes. Apparently the Capitol decided that this was the way they want to punish me. What happened next was a complete daze to me. I hardly remember the name of the boy tribute. The train ride was dull. Nothing mattered anymore. My brother was dead. He was my only family. When I was only a baby he took me and ran away from our abusive parents. They didn’t even bother to look for us. He raised me by himself and together we supported each other. I planted food, killed food, cooked food (with a flamethrower), while he worked at the factory. Even if I did win the games, I wouldn’t have anyone to come home to.

What I do remember is my stylist. A perky, preppy lady named Drina. Based on what I’ve seen in the past, she is one of the best stylists there is (thank goodness). The first thing she said to me when she saw me was, “Well you sure made an impression on the crowd already didn’t you? I’d like to bring that out!”
“What?” I asked, looking confused. Why would she want to bring out the bloodthirsty monster in me?
“A stylist’s job isn’t just to make a tribute look pretty, but to bring out the traits that make that tribute unique.”
“You’re a feisty and ferocious creature but you’re an adorable sweetheart too. In fact, I think I’ve got all the outfits planned out already! Ooh this will be fun!”
“Shhhh!!! Just relax! Here, try this on! This will be your chariot outfit! Say do you still have that flamethrower handy?”
“No, the confiscated all my firearms on the train.”
“Shame, maybe a pretend bomb? NOOOO! I’ve got it!!! Ooh this will be my best idea yet!!! Wait outside for a few minutes, I have to make some calls!”

After a couple of minutes she Drina called me back again.
“Put this on! I know you’ll love it!”

The outfit was… stunning.
The black cape made my blond hair seem black and red. Dark makeup made me look sinister, like I was an evil villain plotting a clever scheme to take over the world. The coat was black and red too. When I swayed back and fourth the cape somehow came to life. It seemed like explosions were happening on it.
“Oh, I look-”
“Wait that’s not it yet! On the chariots I want you to grab your cape and swing it back and fourth!”
“So it will look like I’m bombing the stadium?”
“So to speak.”

I mounted the chariot with the boy tribute. The only thing I do remember about him was that he looked scary. I really wanted to stay away from him. Then I realized he was looking at me the same way. Whoa, Drina did a REALLY good job! Wasn’t that boy a brunet before?

The doors opened and Drina clapped excitedly as we rode through the doors. To play around with Drina’s theme, I put a sinister grin on my face that said, “I’ll kill you and you won’t be able to do anything about it!” The boy copied me. The crowd cheered as they saw the explosions and electric currents run around our capes. I grabbed onto my cape and swung it back and fourth in front of me just as Drina asked me to. I was not prepared for what happened. Sparks showered the audience as the path in front of me lit up with fire, explosions, and electricity. Something was wrong. The crowd wasn’t cheering. They were speechless. Finally I understood what Drina had done. She’d turned me into a symbol of rebellion and fear. District Three had always been one of the more rebellious Districts, so apparently she not only emphasized our firearms, but our lust for revenge. Oh God, the Capitol’s gonna really kill me now aren’t they. What I had done would never be forgotten. How I burned up the stage, the peacekeepers, it wouldn’t be forgotten, nor would it ever be forgiven.


I didn’t see Drina again until the day of the interview. Boy, I was ready to sock her in the face. I never did stop getting angry looks from the Capitol people. Worst of all was president Snow. His face was the only one that wasn’t mad, it said You think you have us all figured out. Don’t forget who’s in charge here, after all, your life is in my hands.

“Aire my darling!” Drina was absolutely bubbly with excitement.
I replied by landing my fist on her face, “Not so bubbly anymore are ya Drina?”
Drina looked hurt, rubbing her cheek,  “I’m sorry, but you could at least have given me a chance to explain!”
“Please, explain to me why you’re trying to get me murdered!”
She took a deep breath and smoothed out her dress, “The Capitol won’t be able to kill their most valuable asset.”
There was a pause for a moment, “Wait you mean me?” I asked her, “But they hate me!”
“They do now because they know you’ve sparked rebellion, however, the interview will be a different matter. I told you before, you have two sides, the vicious monster that wants nothing but revenge, and then there is that cute, innocent young child that you’d give up anything to protect.”
“Anything to protect… me? You mean the audience right? Because if they love me then the Capitol will be forced to keep me around to please them.”
“Now you’re catching on!”
“How are you going to do that?”
“Me? No way! You will be the one charming the audience!”
“You’re only a child, you miss your brother don’t you? You’re already a picture-perfect blue-eyed blond cutie. All I’ll do is give you a dress.”

You’d never be able to tell that Drina was a rebel, or a spy, or a genius.


“And from District Three we have… Aire Skystreak!”

The audience was clapping quite a lot! All the funny faces were so happy to see me! I couldn’t help but giggle!
“Aww!”  the crowd went. I blushed a little and put my hand on my cheek. Boy, they really made me feel nervous! The man interviewing me was also so funny looking! I couldn’t help but burst out in little giggles as I sat down. No one seemed to mind though, in fact, they just kept going “Aww!” I took a moment to smooth my clothes. Drina made me such a lovely dress! I loved it so much! It was made of shining purple silk with a black ribbon tied to the right side as well as one in my hair. One end of the dress was longer then the other, such an adorable idea!

“Well, well, Aire my dear! You seem to be just outshining the stars tonight!” Caesar Flickerman said.
“Oh thanks so much mister!” I giggled.
“Of course! Say, was that really you on that chariot? I can hardly tell!”
“Nah, that wasn’t me! It was District Three! Its a very nice district, really. Not at all as scary as it may seem.”
“Well you sure have captured the attention of all of Panem! Say, what happened during the reaping? Who was that boy that shouted your name?”
What a bad question to ask. I hung my head and looked down. “My brother, he really loved me and I loved him. He was the only family I’ve ever had. When I was small he told me the story. He said that mom and dad weren’t very nice people. They tried to hurt us!” My eyes were wide with fear, “So he took me when I was only a baby and he ran away as far as he could. I used to ask him about mom and dad. He only told me that were were better off without them. I trusted him. Even in the snowy night when he ran away I was probably clutching him with every last bit of my strength. He raised me on his own. My brother was so brave. He worked long hours at the factories but he still played with me when I came home. He was the only person that could make me smile when I’m sad. Now, he’s gone and I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m better off without a smile.” The tears that were streaking down my face were so salty, “He-he’s gone. Why? Why Caesar? Why is he gone now? When I need him the most? When I have nothing? They-they killed him during the reaping didn’t they? What do I do?”
The crowd was speechless.  They seemed just as upset as I was. Some of the ladies were wiping away their tears.
“I’ll tell you what, Aire. You- you win those games! And I promise you we’ll be there for you every step of the way!”
I wiped my eyes and smiled as sweetly as I could, “Wow! Thank you! Thank you so much!” I turned to face the cameras, “Thank you Panem! You’ll support me in the Hunger Games and I promise you, that me and my brother will win for all of Panem!”
“Well Aire, it looks like your time is up. Thank you so much for that moving interview. I’m sure that-“

I watched the crowd as Caesar went on and on. I could tell from their looks that they truly loved this pure, innocent, little girl in front of them. Sweet as an angel, sad as a lullaby. I’m something very dear to them, something they need to protect.

Then from the deck above the angered gaze of the President rested on me. To me it was the most comforting thing in the entire auditorium. Not this time Snow, because this time, I win.

………. To Be Continued…….

Rue’s Countdown

I am Rue.

I am 12.

I am from District 11.

Katniss said I look like I’m 10.

My saddest memory was when I was 9.

I never reached the 8th day of the Hunger Games.

My rating was 7.

I am the oldest of 6 children.

My death was the 5th to last in the Hunger Games.

My mockingbird tune has 4 notes.

I could only trust 3 other tributes.

I have 2 parents.

The slip with my name on it was put in 1 time.

Number of volunteers to replace me:


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Enter Prim

Primrose Everdeen stood outside in the early morning. Birds flew overhead, and she giggled as they called out to her. Most of them were mockingjays. After a quick breath, she quickly sang two notes, and one of the mockingjays picked it up. Slowly, the sound spread overhead, and the whole sky was filled with Prim’s call.

Skipping, she came over to Lady, her pet goat. “Hi, Lady!” she said softly, rubbing her hand against the soft, sweet fur, of Lady’s back. “Have you got any milk today?” Prim asked sweetly, taking out one of her nearby buckets. She ducked down, and began to milk Lady softly, all while muttering encouragement.

After she had a bucket full f milk, she walked over inside, and watched as Katniss slipped out of the house. Smiling to herself Prim began getting the milk ready to sell. Katniss would sell it later.

Why Am I Here?

Sometimes I regret what i did to save Prim. Yes, it means a lot to save your sister from dying in a game for being innocent, but i still regret it. I wouldnt want Prim to go, but someone else. I now hate what I have to face.


Every since Peeta and I won the Games there have been rebellions everywhere, and Seneca Crane has died, and Capitol hates my guts! Now I must have to put on a show for everyone in Panem. How will I tell Gale? I must marry Peeta now!

I am still upset the day when he confesed his loved for me, and I am just as confused as everyone else. Who do i choose? Gale or Peeta? For everyone in Panem, it’s going to be Peeta. But I don’t know about Gale.

I am very confused, and lost. I need to rest.

I miss everyone from District 12, I want to go back..I really do.


The Girl Who Was On Fire…..


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